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Scene #956

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Scenario: John Connor (teen) teaching the T-800 Terminator how to interact like a human.
Franchise: Terminator
JOHN CONNOR: No, no, no, no. You gotta listen to the way people talk. You don't say "affirmative" or some crap like that. You say "no problemo". And if someone comes on to you with an attitude, you say "eat me". And if you want to shine them on, it's "hasta la vista, baby". TERMINATOR: Hasta la vista, baby. JOHN CONNOR: Yeah, or later dickwad. And if someone gets upset you say "chill out", or you could do combinations. TERMINATOR: Chill out, dickwad. JOHN CONNOR: That's great. See? You're getting it. TERMINATOR: No problemo.

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