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Scene #68

👂 23 listens  •  Aug 16, 2020
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Scenario: Lost in the middle of nowhere

Mode Players Rounds Emotions Time
Classic 5 6 N/A 01:34

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VoiceReact takes inspiration from the kids game Telephone/Chinese Whispers and combines it with improv and voice acting.
For 3+ Player Scenes, the Player in each Round can only hear and respond to what the immediate previous Player said.
eg. Player #5 only hears what Player #4 said. Player #5 won't know what Players 1-3 said.
This can result in an unpredictable and possibly disjointed scene of dialogue (by design). But that's the fun of it. You don't know what the end product will be. The key of the game is for each Player to react to what they last heard.
* Note: 2-Player Scenes will simply sound like a 2-person conversation.

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5 Mister-V 00:09
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6 Alaachan 00:20
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