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Scene #3056

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Scenario: Puss in Boots Learns the True Identity of Big Bad Wolf
Franchise: DreamWorks
Big Bad Wolf: I do love the smell of fear (sniffs) It’s intoxicating. Puss in Boots: You?! Big Bad Wolf: Sorry to crash the party with your past lives (chuckling): Or your past deaths, as I like to call them: I was there to witness all of them. Each frivolous end. But you didn’t even notice me because Puss in Boots laughs in the face of death, right? But you’re not laughing now. Puss in Boots: You are no bounty hunter. You are… Big Bad Wolf: Death. And I don’t mean it metaphorically or rhetorically or poetically or theoretically or in any other fancy way. I’m Death, straight up. And I’ve come for you, Puss in Boots. Puss in Boots: But I’m still alive. Death: (chuckles) You know… (inhales sharply) I’m not a cat person. I find the very idea of nine lives absurd. And you didn’t value any of them. So, why don’t I do us both a favour and take this last one now? (beat) Go ahead, run for it. Makes it more fun for me.

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