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Scene #1682

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Scenario: A successor to the Professor
Franchise: Futurama
FRY: Wow. A whole planet of old people. Where is it? BENDER: Nobody knooooowwwws. PROFESSOR: So many loves half loved. So many inventions half invented. That damned time machine alone sent me back 15 years. ZOIDBERG: If only it had worked, you could go back and not waste your time on it. PROFESSOR: There's no one to carry on after I'm gone. No one to take over my work and my research and my fabulous fortune! By God! That's it! I've got to name a successor! (oohs and ahhs from the group) ZOIDBERG: A successor to the professor? PROFESSOR: There's no time to lose. I'm off to my lab to build.... a successor NAMING machine!

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