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Scene #1554

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Scenario: Azula banishes a servant for leaving a pit in her cherries.
Franchise: Avatar: The Last Airbender
AZULA: What am I holding? SERVANT: ... A cherry pit, Princess. AZULA: Correct. And what day is this. SERVANT: It is.. the day of your coronation. AZULA: Yes, it is. So please, tell me why on the most important day of my life you've decided to leave a pit in my cherry? SERVANT: It.. wasn't a decision. It was just.. a small mistake! AZULA: SMALL?! Do you realize what could've happened if I hadn't sensed the pit in time?! SERVANT: I suppose.. you could've.. choked? AZULA: Yes. Then you understand the severity of your crime. SERVANT: .. I understand, Princess. Please. Forgive me... AZULA: Oh, very well. Since it is a special day, I will show mercy. (Pause) You are banished. Leave this palace immediately. (Pause) What're you all looking at?! I have two feet that need scrubbing. And make sure you get in-between the toes. I won't have my first day as Fire Lord marred by poor foot hygiene.

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