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Scene #1516

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Scenario: Mista complains to Fugo about choosing from four slices of cake.
Franchise: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
MISTA: Hey, what the hell is this?! FUGO: What do you mean, "what"? It's strawberry shortcake. If you want dessert, take one. MISTA: Yeah, I can tell that it's strawberry shortcake by looking at it! It's definitely not chocolate cake or cheese cake. But I'm not talking about that! There are four cakes! Are you telling me to go die or something!? FUGO: Are four slices not enough? Do you want more? MISTA: Come on stupid, don't you know? It's bad luck to take something from four things! It's fine if you're choosing from five! It's also fine if you're choosing from three! But if you choose something from four things, something bad'll happen! When I was a kid, the neighbor's cat had had four kittens. There was one guy who wanted one as a pet and he got his damn eye scratched out by the one he picked. FUGO: That's just a superstition! Think of it logically. If everyone had to take a slice of cake from a whole, someone would eventually and inevitably have to choose from four slices. MISTA: That's what I mean! In situations like this? The restaurant should have given us three slices instead! FUGO: Agh... Then you don't have to eat it! MISTA: But I want some strawberry shortcake!

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