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Scene #1421

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Scenario: Liars Dice on the Dutchman extended version
Franchise: Pirates of the Caribbean
JONES I accept mate WILL I wager everything I own. JONES I only bet on what's dearest to a man's heart. Else there's no way to tell if he's bluffing. When a man is willing to risk or not to risk, that's a measure of his soul. WILL I wager a hundred years of service BILL No JONES Against your freedom BILL Against my father's freedom JONES Agreed WILL Two threes JONES You're a desperate man What is the cause It can only be a woman Three threes WILL A woman need not to cause you to be desperate If you choose right the woman Four threes JONES I remember now You're the one that hopes to get married But your fate is to be married to this ship WILL I choose my own fate JONES Then it wouldn't be fate would it Five threes WILL Five sixes JONES Chuckles Liar Well done masta Turna BILL Im free Jones WILL Another game JONES Ye can't best the devil twice son The stakes WILL My soul in eternity of servitude JONES Against WILL What was it you said about that which is dearest to a mans heart I want this JONES How do you know of the key WILL That's not part of the game is it You can still walk away JONES What's this BILL Im in Matching his wager WILL No BILL Eternity in service to you WILL Dont do this BILL Dice is cast I bid three twos JONES Chuckles Four fours WILL Four fives BILL Six threes JONES Seven fives WILL Eight fives JONES Heh heh heh Welcome to the crew lad Heh heh heh heh heh heh BILL Twelve fives Twelve fives Call me a liar or up the bid JONES And be called a liar myself for my trouble Bootstrap Bill youre a liar and will spend an eternity on this ship Masta Turna Feel free to go ashore The better next time we will make port HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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