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Scene #1389

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Scenario: Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut talk in a car after surviving an attack by the cartel
Franchise: Breaking Bad
MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: You can start talking any time. SAUL GOODMAN: You said this goes away. So, what's the timeframe on that? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: It's different for different people, I suppose. SAUL GOODMAN: When will this be over for me? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: Well, here's what's gonna happen. One day... one day you're gonna wake up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, go about your business. And sooner or later, you're gonna realize you haven't thought about it. None of it. And that's the moment. You realize you can forget. When you know that's possible, it all gets easier. SAUL GOODMAN: But what about you? Like, what happened out there doesn't bother you? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: Them wanting to steal the $7 million didn't work for me. Not to mention they wanted to shoot you in the head. It was them, or it was us. Cut and dried. They were in the game. SAUL GOODMAN: What about Fred? From Travel Wire. Was he in the game? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: No. There was a lot wrong with what happened there. SAUL GOODMAN: Yeah. Lalo. ( Sighs ) Lalo killed that guy. And for what? He killed that guy, and we're helping him. ( Sighs ) All this crap just to... so he can get out of jail and just get away? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: It's not the end of the story. SAUL GOODMAN: Wait a minute. What does that mean, uh, "not the end of the story"? What... What are you saying? Are you saying what I think you're saying? Is something gonna happen to Lalo? MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: I didn't say that. SAUL GOODMAN: Aw, Jesus. ( Stammers ) What have I gotten myself involved with here? Look, just tell me. What are you saying is gonna... MIKE EHRMANTRAUT: Look. We all make our choices. And those choices... they put us on a road. Sometimes those choices seem small, but they put you on the road. You think about getting off. But eventually you're back on it. And the road we're on led us out to the desert and everything that happened there and straight back to where we are right now. And nothing... nothing can be done about that. Do you understand that? SAUL GOODMAN: I can't believe... ( Sighs ) I can't believe there's, like, over a billion people on this planet and the only person I have to talk about this to is you.

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