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Scene #1318

👂 6 listens  •  May 5, 2021
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Scenario: Expiration Date The team learns they all have 3 days to live
Franchise: Team Fortress
SCOUT: [Smug] Hey, look at all this. What have you two eggheads been workin' on? [confused] Nice catch... ENGINEER [concerned]: Yeah. Listen now... We've been running some experiments on the Teleporter. Well yeah. Y'all ought to take a look at this. SCOUT: [disinterested] Wow. You can teleport bread. That is...big news. Um. Is the Demo back with the beer yet? Cause I... [Shocked] Whoa! What the hell is that?! MEDIC: [cheerily] Tumors! ENGINEER: [concerned] Y'all know what this means right? SOLDIER: [Angry] Arrghh! We cannot teleport bread anymore! ENGINEER: [Comforting] Whoa! Whoa... Not exactly, Soldier. You teleport as much bread as you like. That goes for all of ya. If there's something any of y'all wanted to do before ya...Well. Died. Now would be a...good time. SPY: [curious] How long before these...tumors kill us? MEDIC: [thinking] Vell, let's see. Ve all use the teleporter, let's say six times a day... Times four years. Minus...ve're not bread. MEDIC: Hmm. [concerned] Three days. Yes, We all have three days to live! DEMOMAN: [cheery] Whooooooooo!! Woooooo!! Woo... [confused] What?

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