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Note: This month of June will be the last month to win.

Refer A Friend

Win From Monthly Prize Drawings

When you refer 5 friends or more* each month to join and play VoiceReact, you will enter for a chance to win from a randomly selected monthly prize drawing.
* To be eligible, you and at least 5 of these friends need to sign up to VoiceReact and be active Players participating in Scenes that are completed and posted on the Scenes page for the current month.

Example 1: 8 friends sign up; 6 play; You play - Eligible
Example 2: 11 friends sign up; 4 play; You play - Not Eligible
Example 3: 5 friends sign up; 5 play; You don't play - Not Eligible

By participating and referring friends to VoiceReact, you agree to these Prize Drawing Terms: [ Show ]

I. Eligibility: To participate in VoiceReact's online prize drawing, you must register for a VoiceReact account, which requires providing an email address.
Your VoiceReact account must be active and in good standing (not banned).

II. How to Enter: Use your VoiceReact account to play in games that finish and end up as completed Scenes, as posted on the Scenes listing page. The date of the completed Scenes must match the month for which the prizes are drawn.
eg. Players from Scenes completed in August will be eligible for the August Prize Drawing.
How to enter each of the three different Prize Drawing Categories:
1. Performance Picks: you must participate in at least one completed Scene created by you and/or created by another Player.
2. Foxwolf's Favorite: you must participate in at least one completed Scene.
3. Refer A Friend: you must participate in at least one completed Scene and refer at least five friends, who also must participate in at least one completed Scene.

III. Prize: $20 USD e-giftcard. The specific e-giftcard will be decided by each individual winner.

IV. Drawing: 5 winners will be drawn per month - 4 winners for Categories 1. (2 winners) and 3. (2 winners) will be randomly selected, and 1 winner will be chosen by Foxwolf - at the start of the following month.
eg. winners for August will be drawn in September.

V. Winners: The winners will be posted on the VoiceReact site. Winners will be sent an email to the email address associated with their VoiceReact account. The specific e-giftcard will be decided in these email communications, and then sent once the e-giftcard has been finalized.

VI. Limitations: One prize per Player per month. One single account has no limit on how many games can be played. The more completed Scenes you are a part of, the more chance you have at winning. Players that submit empty recordings in completed Scenes will be ineligible.
Any duplicate accounts created for any of the three categories will void the Player and deem all associated accounts ineligible.
In the event an e-giftcard is unable to be sent to a winner (due to reasons such as the winner location, transaction errors, unavailable e-giftcards able to be sent to winner's email address, or otherwise) a new winner will be drawn.

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