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Hey all. Due to a number of reasons, VoiceReact will be shutting down on May 31, 2023. Thanks to everyone who've played over the past couple of years. All the best to those pursuing voice acting careers!

How to Play

What is VoiceReact?

VoiceReact is an online voice acting and improv game that takes inspiration from the kids game Telephone (or to non-North American countries Chinese Whispers).
Tangent backstory: [ Show ]

Kids sit in a circle. The first kid comes up with a short message and whispers it to the next kid, who then whispers it to the next, and so on, until you reach the last kid who repeats out loud. While the goal is for the last kid repeat the original message verbatim, this almost never happens as the message is unintentionally changed bit by bit as it's passed around. The fun (esp in larger groups) is seeing how different it ended up.

VoiceReact is a way for people of any voice acting level (from none -> interested -> amateur -> experienced -> professional) to come together and have fun creating original scenes of dialogue, all whilst learning from each other in the process.

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How to Play?

In a nutshell: Players record lines one by one based on a scenario to create a full scene of dialogue.

Sample of how to play

Members play by recording their voice. Upon joining, a member can play in one of two ways: creating a new game, or being invited to a game.

All you need to bring is your voice and personality. Plus a microphone (which is built-in to most of our devices anyway)

Players will perform in Scenes. Each Scene is based off of a Scenario, and consists of 2-10 Players and 5-11 Rounds.

1. A Scene creator records (directly on the site) the first line to fit the Scenario in Round 1.

2. In Round 2, the next Player is randomly selected and invited to play the Scene. If they decide to play, they can listen to the previous Player's line, and react ;) to it in order to come up with a response to record.
Otherwise they can skip the Round.

3. This continues until the Final Round, which will always land back to Player #1 who created the Scene. Upon completion, the Players will be notified and the Scene will be made public for all to listen to.

* Those who crave a challenge can switch on the Emotions option - which will generate a different emotion per Round to apply in your acting.
Here is the list of possible emotions.


For 3 or more Player Scenes, the Player in each Round can only hear and respond to what the immediate previous Player said.

• eg. Player #5 only hears what Player #4 said. Player #5 won't know what Players 1-3 said.

• This can result in an unpredictable and possibly disjointed scene of dialogue (by the Telephone/Chinese Whispers inspired design). But that's the fun of it. You don't know what the end product will be.

Remember, the key of the game is for each Player to react to what they last heard. This will make the acting believable.

Note: 2-Player Scenes will simply sound like a 2-person conversation.

Check out and listen to a DEMO

~ Foxwolf
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