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Hey all. Due to a number of reasons, VoiceReact will be shutting down on May 31, 2023. Thanks to everyone who've played over the past couple of years. All the best to those pursuing voice acting careers!


Recording on the site doesn't work for me?

The recording feature has been tested on computers, tablets and phones (Apple, Android, Windows) on browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, using versions within the last 2 years. If recording doesn't work for you, the best bet is to update your browser to the latest version.

Why is the audio quality inconsistent?

Players can record on any device (computer, phone, tablet) and can use anything from the device's built-in microphone, to low or high-end external recording tools. This will result in different levels of audio quality in any given Scene.

What are Gigs?

"Gigs" are VoiceReact's equilavent of game credits. They are earned by creating and completing a Scene (+1 Gig) and can be redeemed to use new/upcoming features and game modes.

How to earn Gigs?

1 Gig will be earned when you create and complete your own "Classic" or "All Ears" (game mode) Scenes. That means you will need to record at least the first AND last Rounds of the Scene to earn the Gig. If you record Round 1, are absent, and another Player ends up recording the final Round, you will not get the Gig.

What can Gigs be redeemed for?

- Create your own Custom Scenarios for a Scene [ Cost: 1 Gig ]
- Solo mode, ie. voice an entire Scene yourself [ Cost: 2 Gigs ]
- ReEnact mode, ie. quote from TV/movies/etc. [ Cost: 3 Gigs ]

What are the different game modes?

- Classic: the original version of VoiceReact. Based on the kids game "Telephone", Players of new Rounds can only hear and respond to the one previous Player's recording, not all of them.
- All Ears: Players of new Rounds get to hear all the previous Rounds recordings, so they can build onto the Scene.
- Solo: a Player can voice multiple characters by themselves to create a conversation, "talking to themselves".
- ReEnact: quote or do impressions of characters from TV/movie/game/book/etc scenes.

Who are Invites sent to?

Invites are sent to random Players registered on VoiceReact. Invites after a Round is played or skipped are sent to Players who have recorded at least one line for a Scene and logged into the site within the last 72 hours. Invites that aren't responded to (ie. played or skipped) will expire automatically after 24 hours.

Why do Invites expire after 24 hours?

To keep a game moving and reduce the waiting time between Rounds, expired Invites will get sent to an active Player who has logged into the site within the last day.

How are "Listens" counted?

A count is added to a "Listen" when a user plays the at least first line of a Scene or more. Counts are uniquely tied to a registered Player or visitor. Replaying a Scene will not add to the total count.

What different Emotions can be used in a game?

By default, any emotion can be used during a game. When a new game "switches on" Emotions, Players will be randomly given a different Emotion to apply in their performance for each Round played, based on a tier. The tiers are Basic (6 emotions) and Complex (400+ emotions). They are listed here.

I created a New Account and didn't receive my confirmation email?

You can request a resend of your confirmation email here.

Why aren't Scenes #s listed in numerical order?

Scenes are dated and listed in order of the date the Scene was completed by the last Player and made public.

Why does the number of "Rounds" change when selecting a different number of "Players" in a game's settings?

The Rounds choices change to prevent a single Player from playing consecutive Rounds in a row during a game, instead of alternating with a different Player.

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